Troum   Mare morphosis'Mare morphosis' forms the third & final part of TROUM's so called 'PowerRomantic' trilogy that started with 'Mare Idiophonika' in 2010. The basic materials & arrangements for this one long epic piece were created from 2009-2013 (partly based on therecordings for the 'Bach Eingeschaltet, Dritter Band' 7" dealing with experimental reworkings of J.S.BACH pieces) & to some extent used live in different live-programmes... More

TROUM means 'dream'. TROUM chose this Old Germanic term to be able to remember the old and to save the option of looking back even though a returning remains impossible. Troum have established themselves as one of the major forces in modern experimental drone and ethereal ambient music. Troum sounds like a thunderstorm in your heart.

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Tiefenmusic Reaching Our Unconscious Minds

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